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List of mobile devices

Mobile devices for mandatory registration of IMEI numbers for use on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Jobs at UZIMEI

Registration system of IMEI codes in Republic of Uzbekistan

Useful information

Frequently Asked Questions


The payment should be made within 10 calendar days from the moment the application was submitted online or filed at the UZIMEI office

IMEI code registration
  1. Via SMS to 1170 or via USSD code *1170#
  2. On operator's website
  3. On the website of EPIGU
  4. At operator's offices
  5. At post offices
Warning for individuals

IMEI-code/codes must be registered within 30 calendar days after the first network event. Otherwise, no access to mobile communication services (GSM standard) will be provided.

IMEI codes should be registered by importers

Check the IMEI code of your mobile device before purchasing. The IMEI code of a mobile device can be found by dialing * #06#.